Custom Floor Finishing

Custom Floor Finishing of Wisconsin, a leading International flat-line custom factory finishing company, offers custom finishing with Bona® Industrial Coatings with Bona® High Durability Finishes Including but not limited to Bona Traffic® UV, Bona Traffic® UV Ultra Matte, and Bona Traffic Naturale UV finish.

All Bona® High Durability Finishes are “downstream” compatible with one another and thus gives the contractor or end-user availability to aftermarket Bona Lifetime Support if the Bona® system were continued to be used.



Whether it is 2 1/4" wide or 10" wide unfinished hardwood, short lengths or 14 ft. lengths, our finishing line has the ability to handle it. We hand-pack your order ensuring the highest level of customer care for your hardwood flooring order.


Do you have a custom hardwood flooring project? We have the ability to match the finish to your customers' specifications.


Our finishing line can also accommodate other unfinished materials, like plywood, paneling, and other wood projects that require a durable, scratch resistant finish.


Color Variation Disclaimer

The wood swatches and photography that are represented on this website have been provided to give you a visual representation of the wood and stain options available through Custom Floor Finishing of WI.

However, due to variations in individual user’s monitor settings, calibrations, color printing settings, and lighting sources, we cannot guarantee that your product will be an exact match to the colors represented on this site.

  • It's The Right Thing To Do

    We take pride in being environmentally conscious. Therefore our manufacturing process is designed to minimize production waste. Our finishing options – which include Bona® High Durability Finishes – are VOC-free, based on vegetable oils and water-based polyurethanes. Our overall intent is to foster a healthier environment, as well as safer, healthier homes, schools and workplaces for the people and pets who share them. We’re proud of our efforts and will work tirelessly to do even better because it’s the right thing to do for everyone.